Domain Registration Cost In Nepal.

Registration might cost anywhere from Rs 999 to Rs 4000

Renewal may cost anywhere around Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000 (Renewal charge will be more than the registration charge)

Transfer may cost anywhere between Rs 1000 to Rs 2000

Registration charges vary from registrar to registrar due to the volume of business conducted by each provider. If they are a reputed brand with a large compilation of names, a little negotiation can help you with the cost. In addition, the cost varies based on which free add-ons are included with the registration.

Sometimes you may also receive a free domain registration from your hosting provider. Such opportunities are always worth looking for.

Now, let’s discuss some frequently asked questions about domain registration costs in Nepal.

Some Domain Registration FAQ’s

Do you need a Domain Name?

Asking this question is as silly as asking ” Do I really need a website in 2023?”. Trust me when I say, you do. Both the website and the best domain name for your business.

Searching the Internet is the first thing people will do when they want your product or service, and if you have an easy-to-navigate website, you’ll have a much higher chance of converting them into potential customers. Implies, you need a strong online presence.

As marketing evolves, the most effective way of reaching those niche potential customers is through a website. A well-designed and well-maintained website. Additionally, from a marketing standpoint, you can build a lasting brand image with the right domain name.

On that account, yes you do need a domain name.

How to choose the best Domain Registration Service Provider In Nepal?

Choosing the best domain registration service provider is not as complicated as you think. Just look into some of these factors.

  1. Do you get full control panel to manage your domain when you register a domain with them?Answer: MeroHosting will provide full control to manage your domain.
  2. Does their search engine provide you the widest selection of the web’s largest pool of names?Answer: MeroHosting will aid in finding you the best name with a better list to choose from.
  3. Do you get to host your domain name anywhere in the world?Answer: You get to host your domain anywhere in the world. MeroHosting doesn’t block its client from doing so.
  4. Is their customer service available all around the clock? All day; every day?Answer: MeroHosting provides highly knowledgeable and experienced customer support.

Also, check to see what free add-ons they offer during domain registration. For example, some services give transfer of domain as a free feature whereas some may provide security as a free add-on.

Anyways, if you get the right answer to these questions. from your service provider, seal the deal.

What happens when you do not renew your domain?

When a domain has expired for 30 days, it goes through a deletion process and is made available to be registered again for everyone.

How long can I own a domain?

Domain registration is valid for at least one year and then you can renew the domain indefinitely.

How can I check my domain age and domain expiry date?

Any free domain age checker can tell you how old your domain is and when it’s due to expire

How can I renew my domain?

During registration, your service provider will give you a domain customer panel where you can renew your domain. You can also contact the support team for prompt assistance if you do not have access to a domain control panel.

Is it possible to register multiple domain names?

There is no limit to how many domain names you can register. If necessary, you can forward all domain names to a single website.