How to migrate domain to your own account from other account ?

First of all, register your email at by creating an account

After that write the letter on your companies letter pad and scan and send it to [email protected].


The Host Master,
Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Durbar Marg,
Kathmandu, Nepal

Subject: Domain Migration

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to migrate .np domain name. I am the authentic owner of this domain and I would like to transfer this domain to my account because the existing registrant who registered on our behalf is currently out of contact.

Domain name: [your domain name]
Transfer to: [your registered email above]

Yours sincerely,
[your name]
Manager, [Your Company Name]
[Company stamp and your signature]

Wait for 1-3 days you’ll get a confirmation mail and your domain will be under your account.


for personal domain attach own citizenship and cover letter at mail

for company pan or vat scan copy and cover letter